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    Brett Patron at |

    I wonder how many of the “no” respondents to Santhosh’s survey said so because the actual value of the ISO is still relatively unknown.

    So, it begs the question: is the rush to “certify” an under-proven standard is part of the problem? Maybe, if the standard were implemented and experimented in organizations without a need to “certify” there would be useful feedback on it.

    Then, after a few years of implementation (3-5?) THEN having a “certification” would both have merit, and be understood as a valuable thing.

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    santhosh Shekar at |

    Firstly, congratulations to Patricia and Dr. Ron for initiating Practitioners Auditor certification Training Program!
    I believe an ecosystem around ISO 30401 KM standard has started to slowly emerge, which I believe is very important for any field’s expansion and prosperity!! i.e. consulting companies will start promoting ISO 30401 KMS, Mature KM practicing – Organizations will start aligning to KM standards, organizations who wanted to start KM will start adopting the standards, and organizations which have not yet started KM in official capacity will start learning about this standard and will start adopting it as critical organizational development area.

    Once these needs arise strongly, there will be huge opportunity created for every need in the market and I believe individuals, organizations, institutes will shoot up to cater to this market needs.

    I would further go and say, let there be many unicorns with pure KM practices Startups, let there be Gartner Like Pure KM organizations in every country, let there be 100’s of KM Training organizations, let there be thousands of KM jobs to create value in organizations in every country !!

    Value of certification for organization is up to the organizations to decide, however we as practitioners need to propagate the philosophy of KM and adaptation of KM standard with practical cases, industry specific solution patterns, domain specific body of Knowledge etc.; Please watch #knowledgewebcast about practical GE ISO KM model – https://youtu.be/xj5f6kUQhRM : Dr. Rachad Speaks how they got value out of KM standard.

    I believe when people see value on the ground, when organizations adopt KM as critical organization development area to start with, KM ISO standard does provide the much-needed integrated framework. If and only if employees are able to experience knowledge fulfillment based on their roles, that is the first win for organizations for the focused approach to implement ISO KM standard, rest is optional

    And again, every organization is in different phases of KM lifecycle, based on the maturity either they will pull these markets offered services or reject the services if it is of non-value!!

    Thank You,
    Santhosh Shekar


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