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    27 Sep 2023

    Vale Larry Prusak, a knowledge management icon

    Larry was the consummate story teller, historian, man-of-adventure, and knowledge management icon.
    26 Sep 2023

    Introduction to knowledge graphs (section 5.4): Inductive knowledge – Symbolic learning

    symbolic learning can be used to learn hypotheses in a logical (symbolic) language that “explain” sets of positive and negative…
    26 Sep 2023

    Creating a level playing field for local food and indigenous knowledge systems

    Developing countries should make sure foreign forces do not accelerate loss of local food and indigenous knowledge systems (IKS).
    19 Sep 2023

    Summary and conclusion [Generative AI & KM series part 9]

    Summary and conclusion of the AI integration strategy for learning and knowledge management solutions series.
    5 Sep 2023

    Understanding the links between coloniality, forced displacement and knowledge production

    Dominant narratives often portray displaced people as passive victims in need of assistance rather than as active agents with their…

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