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    5 Dec 2023

    A scale for measuring green knowledge management in organizations

    Green knowledge management aims to integrate green or environmental aspects into all dimensions of knowledge management (KM).
    5 Dec 2023

    GLINK Knowledge Management Summit Indonesia 2024: KM End to End

    Embark on a journey through knowledge management's End-to-End spectrum, 9-11 January 2024, Grand Hyatt Bali, Indonesia.
    28 Nov 2023

    Case studies in complexity (part 6): Tacit knowledge transfer and deliberative conversations in the Helidon Hills

    The Helidon Hills project was praised for its tacit knowledge engagement and deliberative decisions in the face of complexity.
    27 Nov 2023

    Outcomes of KMGN HacKMthon 2023, with RealKM & KM4Dev

    How can knowledge management (KM) better support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
    21 Nov 2023

    Knowledge retention: 5 clusters of knowledge loss, and 5 interventions

    Five proposed clusters of knowledge loss that influence the capability of organizations to retain their valuable organizational knowledge, and five…

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