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    10 Jul 2024

    How to preserve the fading Chinese New Year spirit through knowledge management

    How to use knowledge management methods and strategies to preserve the precious cultural heritage of Chinese New Year.
    10 Jul 2024

    Update #2 of RealKM-KM4Dev-K4DP knowledge management & SDGs campaign (9 July 2024)

    We urgently need multiple knowledges to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
    2 Jul 2024

    A good trick is easy to find: Little Red Book as a knowledge base of domestic know-how

    Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) is a social media platform where one special where kind of knowledge is shared—domestic know-how.
    26 Jun 2024

    MEDIA RELEASE: Ahead of the UN HLPF, leading international knowledge management (KM) organisations call for multiple knowledges in the SDGs

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will fail without a multiple knowledges approach.
    25 Jun 2024

    Transformation from data base to knowledge base: enhancing the value of financial research repositories

    In financial market research, repositories are not just stores of information but also wellsprings of insight and wisdom.

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