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    23 January 2022

    Business school leadership development programs are not always evidence-based: What about KM education?

    To what extent are knowledge management (KM) education programs evidence-based?
    23 January 2022

    In the know: Deliberate Approach to KM, KM & Retention for IT Communities, APQC Podcasts

    In the know is a regular roundup of knowledge management (KM) items of interest.
    22 January 2022

    Organization Management Rhythm (part 7.2): Analysis – Phase 2 Analysis, Conduct Assessment

    Once an existing Organization Management Rhythm is identified, conduct a detailed assessment consisting of a series of questions.
    16 January 2022

    What is the role of data mining in knowledge management?

    One of the ways in which technology can be applied as a knowledge management (KM) enabler is to use it…
    16 January 2022

    Stakeholder engagement primer

    Multi-stakeholder processes are important in knowledge management (KM), but how to effectively engage stakeholders?
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