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    24 October 2021

    APQC Podcast – Big Changes Ahead for Knowledge Management with Bruce Boyes

    How KM needs to be more evidence-based and integrate a wider range of perspectives, the parallels between KM and sustainability,…
    24 October 2021

    The role of social networks in knowledge sharing in healthcare

    Development of a knowledge management system (KMS) using social network analysis (SNA) to improve methods to organise and share knowledge.
    13 October 2021

    Why retailers should be sharing knowledge

    Research finds that the most innovative stores were ones that had a good balance between knowledge flowing in and knowledge…
    13 October 2021

    KM Lobby Incredible Edition – KM in Law Firms

    Vishal Agnihotri, Evan Shenkman, and Ian Rodwell share their deep expertise of knowledge management in law firms.
    11 October 2021

    Organization Management Rhythm (part 6.1): Tools – 7-Minute Drill

    It's called a 7-Minute Drill because staff have seven minutes to explain to the Chief of Staff why the meeting…
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