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    20 Mar 2023

    Importance of Indigenous and local knowledge. Bringing Spanish-language research to the English-speaking world.

    Exploring how Indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) is understood within Spanish research literature.
    11 Mar 2023

    In the know: AI and RealKM | ChatGPT as malevolent AI | Rigour in complexity

    In the know is a regular roundup of knowledge management (KM) items of interest.
    6 Mar 2023

    Introduction to knowledge graphs (part 2): History of knowledge graphs

    Understanding historical context and background is important in order to understand the possible avenues of the future.
    5 Feb 2023

    Knowledge-related justice in international development

    A new perspective on knowledge-related justice which can help us in our efforts to counteract injustices in international development.
    29 Jan 2023

    How knowledge management systems can be reformed to bring big data into strategic decisions

    Ground rules for advanced KM systems to support four big data-driven decision types.

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