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    11 June 2021

    Organization Management Rhythm (part 1.1): Military meetings

    In the U.S. military, there are specific types of briefs given: information, decision, staff, and mission.
    11 June 2021

    The psychology behind knowledge hiding in organisations

    A recent study uses the cognitive–motivational–relational (CMR) theory of emotion to create a framework for the findings of a systematic…
    3 June 2021

    Video recording and materials from KM4Dev Knowledge Café 16: Decolonization of knowledge, an Action Plan

    KM4Dev Knowledge Café 16 looked into the topic of decolonisation of knowledge and an action plan for KM4Dev in a…
    29 May 2021

    Implications for the knowledge management discipline from a review of scientometric research

    Scientometric studies help to inform and educate internal and external stakeholders on a discipline’s state-of-the-art and any needed corrective actions.
    25 May 2021

    Because You Need to Know – Bruce Boyes

    Heading into the KM garden to farm the knowledge: organizational knowledge is a natural resource, and RealKM's Bruce Boyes tells…
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