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    5 Feb 2023

    Knowledge-related justice in international development

    A new perspective on knowledge-related justice which can help us in our efforts to counteract injustices in international development.
    29 Jan 2023

    How knowledge management systems can be reformed to bring big data into strategic decisions

    Ground rules for advanced KM systems to support four big data-driven decision types.
    29 Jan 2023

    Critical Eye: A response to “Are nudges sinister psychological tricks? Or are they useless? Actually they are neither”

    Analyzing the claims made in a recent article on nudge theory published in The Conversation.
    23 Jan 2023

    How artificial intelligence can support knowledge management in organizations

    The potential role of AI in KM, ways to build the human-AI partnership in supporting KM, and implications for people,…
    15 Jan 2023

    Emerging innovative concepts in knowledge management

    Some of the emerging innovative concepts in KM are not yet receiving the attention that they deserve.

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