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    20 June 2022

    Video and summary from KM4Dev Knowledge Cafè 24 – Different Thinking in Knowledge Management

    What I've learnt about knowledge management approaches in China, and how they can benefit the west.
    20 June 2022

    Report: TechNetCyber22 U.S. Department of Defense and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium

    The DoD and Federal Knowledge Management Symposium covered topics that would assist and support a wide variety of knowledge management…
    12 June 2022

    Making a difference through consensus – lessons from African food markets

    Governments and development agencies can learn a lot from how African mass food markets and indigenous communities use consensus to…
    2 June 2022

    Workplace friendship and knowledge hiding

    Research finds that workplace friendships facilitate psychological safety, which in turn reduces knowledge hiding. This is further strengthened by task…
    2 June 2022

    Facilitating narratives for knowledge co-production: A knowledge broker’s role

    The knowledge broker’s role in facilitating narratives has two purposes: identity development, and facilitating narratives in transdisciplinary groups.

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