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    22 September 2021

    Why amplifying colleagues’ voices at work benefits us all

    People of color, women, and other minority groups are especially likely to have their ideas dismissed or their contributions spoke…
    19 September 2021

    Knowledge management in family firms

    A systematic review of family firm KM has developed a conceptual map and identified primary antecedents, outcomes, and moderating factors.
    19 September 2021

    Organization Management Rhythm (part 4.2): Change management – Workflow and staff

    The need to establish a good change management process is key.
    12 September 2021

    An integrative framework of organizational unlearning

    Obsolete knowledge can inhibit the acquisition of new knowledge, so organizations must be capable of discarding it.
    9 September 2021

    Engaging stakeholder knowledge: 60 tools and methods for multi-stakeholder partnership processes

    Tools and methods to engage the diverse knowledge of stakeholders and stakeholder groups in decision-making processes.
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