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    23 September 2022

    Systems thinking in public policy: Making space to think differently

    Why does public policy go wrong? What is required instead?
    12 September 2022

    Accelerating and celebrating the melting icebergs of microaggression

    Once you become aware of microaggressions it will open eyes and allow everyone to play their part more actively in…
    12 September 2022

    KM in project-based & temporary organisations: Part 7 – The risk library approach and how it relates to the risk causation model

    The risk library approach was one of the keys to the success of the $77.4 million Hawkesbury-Nepean River Recovery Program…
    12 September 2022

    Multidisciplinary perspectives on unknown unknowns

    How can different disciplines and practitioners enhance the ability to understand and manage unknown unknowns, also referred to as deep…
    5 September 2022

    Twelve tools to integrate with knowledge management practices for better customer experiences

    KM practice tools to establish new relationships with your 3 overarching customer avatars: Compliers, Begrudgers, and Toddlers.

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