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    16 January 2022

    What is the role of data mining in knowledge management?

    One of the ways in which technology can be applied as a knowledge management (KM) enabler is to use it…
    16 January 2022

    Stakeholder engagement primer

    Multi-stakeholder processes are important in knowledge management (KM), but how to effectively engage stakeholders?
    14 January 2022

    Organization Management Rhythm (part 7.1): Analysis – Phase 1: Identify and Document the Existing Organization Rhythm

    Initial Organization Management Rhythm analysis focuses on discovering the existing processes and products used to inform decision makers.
    9 January 2022

    Engaging with bad knowledge practices

    One of the most pressing questions of the pandemic era has been: what should be done about bad knowledge practices?
    7 January 2022

    A model for enterprise knowledge management after the COVID-19 crisis

    A practical four-stage step-by-step model of KM for post COVID-19 crisis management, including preparation for future crises.
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