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    6 May 2021

    Knowledge visualization, it is about the context [Knowledge visualization series part 5]

    The focus for this part is on target audience – the employees you are creating the knowledge visualization for.
    6 May 2021

    How to be an internal business consultant

    The vast majority of full-time knowledge management (KM) work can be described in terms of the functions of an internal…
    6 May 2021

    Confronting indifference toward truth: Dealing with workplace bullshit [Top 100 research & commentary of 2020]

    The need to avoid managing knowledge that is workplace bullshit and the need to avoid KM activities that are bullshit…
    6 May 2021

    Video recordings and materials from ISKO SG session on evidence-based KM

    Video recordings and materials from the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) Singapore Chapter virtual session on 23 April 2021…
    29 April 2021

    Top-down vs. collaborative consensus: using the most appropriate approach for the decision-making level (part 1)

    It is entirely possible to encourage and respect decentralised knowledge and problem solving while retaining an overriding purpose and command…
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