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    27 November 2021

    Video – Hidden Seams: Auditing Knowledge, Information, & Communication

    Investigating communication, information, and knowledge audits, and what practitioners from these different disciples can learn from each other.
    24 November 2021

    Organization Management Rhythm (part 6.2): Tools – 7-Minute Drill Rollup

    The 7-Minute Drill Rollup captures, in one consolidated spreadsheet, the information from the 7-Minute Drills for all of the organization’s…
    18 November 2021

    A plumber or a handyperson?

    We need to think about knowledge managers in the same way we do when we hire a plumber for our…
    14 November 2021

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge management (KM): two sides of the same coin?

    The AI4KM grid advances new methods for organising, accessing, and exploiting multidisciplinary knowledge.
    14 November 2021

    The importance of coffee in knowledge management

    It is the ability to have that conversation, understand the need, and understand the drive.
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