About us

Our purpose

Knowledge management (KM) is a management discipline that seeks to sustainably improve the effectiveness of organisations and social systems. KM does this through deliberate and planned systems interventions that aim to facilitate improvements in the creation, sharing, and use of knowledge.

As has already been happening in the overall field of management and also other management disciplines such as HR, better evidence-based practice is vital for the future of KM. Organisations cannot be expected to embrace KM unless proven processes and practices are used, but sadly the management arena abounds with fads and fixes that are little better than snake oil.

However, as KM is a comparatively new field, the evidence base for what processes and practices work effectively is constantly evolving. Compounding this situation, KM practitioners often find it difficult to keep up to date with the findings of new research in KM and related disciplines such as communications, marketing, psychology, biology, sociology, and management.

RealKM Magazine closes that gap, bringing managers and KM practitioners the findings of high-value knowledge management research through concise, practically-oriented articles. The types of articles we publish include:

  • Evidence summaries that present current research findings. These summaries are typically based on recently published systematic reviews.
  • Feature articles that synthesize a range of research in regard to a topical KM issue.
  • Article series that present large research reports and dissertations in more readily digestible weekly parts.
  • News items that announce events, book publications, or other significant developments in KM.

Our achievements

Since its establishment in 2015, RealKM Magazine has cemented a vital role in the international KM landscape, becoming a key go-to resource for KM practitioners and the managers and leaders of organisations.

We’ve now published more than 1,000 articles which are enjoyed by over 5,000 active monthly readers. Many of our articles have been viewed many hundreds or even thousands of times, with our most popular article exceeding 20,000 views.

In December 2018, we were very excited to learn that RealKM Magazine is the winner of the Knowledge and Information Award in the 2018 CILIP Knowledge and Information Management (K&IM) Awards, which were presented in London.

Our organisation

RealKM was established in August 2015 as an initiative of founding editor Stephen Bounds, who is Executive, Information Management at Cordelta, a professional services firm based in Canberra, Australia. Stephen was supported in this by consultant and project manager Bruce Boyes, who was recruited as editor and lead writer. Bruce is currently based in China.

In early 2019, Stephen formally transitioned RealKM to a community-owned model, with the RealKM Cooperative Limited registered in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on 2 May 2019. This followed an inaugural meeting on 8 February 2019, at which Stephen Bounds, Bruce Boyes, and Dr Arthur Shelley were elected as directors. Dr Arthur Shelley is Director of specialist consulting firm Intelligent Answers, which is based in Melbourne, Australia.

RealKM is made possible by the very generous contributions of its greatly valued patrons. Stephen Bounds and Dr Arthur Shelley are RealKM Platinum-level Patrons, our highest supporter level.

RealKM Cooperative Limited Certificate of Registration