Evidence-based knowledge management

As has already been happening in the overall field of management and also other management disciplines such as HR, better evidence-based practice is vital for the future of knowledge management (KM).

Unfortunately KM has a mixed track record in regard to evidence-based practice. There’s a tendency for people working in KM to rely heavily on their professional expertise, to the exclusion of other sources of evidence, in particular research findings. And, when research findings are used in KM, it’s evident that the quality and relevance of studies is often not being adequately appraised.

This ongoing series of articles will assist you to understand why evidence-based practice is needed in KM, and how to go about it.

Where to begin

The best place to start is RealKM Magazine’s regularly updated list of guidance and resources for evidence-based knowledge management.

Header image source: Adapted from Evidence Based by Nick Youngson on Alpha Stock Images which is licenced by CC BY-SA 3.0.

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