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The RealKM Impact Story − August 2015 to March 2022

Every year, we present a review of the highlights of the past year for RealKM Magazine and the knowledge management community.

With RealKM Magazine recently achieving the highly significant milestone of one million total article views, this year’s annual review takes the form of a comprehensive reflection on our achievements since we were established in 2015.

Please take the time to read The RealKM Impact Story – August 2015 to March 2022, which can also be viewed below.

You’ll see from the Impact Story that for RealKM Magazine to be able to continue to add value to your knowledge management (KM) work into the future, a much more viable funding base for RealKM is highly desirable. Please consider joining us as a RealKM Patron, which you can do from as little as USD $1 per month.

Thank you to all of our generous RealKM Patrons and article contributors for making RealKM’s valuable work possible! A special thank you goes to RealKM Platinum Patron Dr Arthur Shelley of Intelligent Answers for his very significant contribution.
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Bruce Boyes

Bruce Boyes ( is editor, lead writer, and a director of the award-winning RealKM Magazine (, and a knowledge management (KM), environmental management, and project management professional. He is a PhD candidate in the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Group at Wageningen University and Research, and holds a Master of Environmental Management with Distinction. His expertise and experience includes knowledge management (KM), environmental management, project management, stakeholder engagement, teaching and training, communications, research, and writing and editing. With a demonstrated ability to identify and implement innovative solutions to social and ecological complexity, Bruce's many career highlights include establishing RealKM Magazine as an award-winning resource, using agile and knowledge management approaches to oversee an award-winning $77.4 million western Sydney river recovery program, leading a knowledge strategy process for Australia's 56 natural resource management (NRM) regional organisations, pioneering collaborative learning and governance approaches to support the sustainable management of landscapes and catchments, and initiating and teaching two new knowledge management subjects at Shanxi University in China.

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