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    Jillian at |

    it is interesting to see that the percentage of knowledge managers not heard of 30401 and those that consider it not a requirement is quite on the high side. At every gathering, I’ve been to or webinar I’ve attended, everyone discusses ‘methodologies’ and ‘approaches’ and yet shy away from a globally agreed set of principles and requirements.

    At the end of the day, I guess KM is good for talking about, not ‘doing’ by those preaching it. So, in reality, do we love reinventing the wheel, do we really follow best practices, or do we believe, if we’ve not made it or if we’re not the inventors, then it’s not a practice to follow?

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    santhosh Shekar at |

    I have been getting following questions very often:

    1. Where do I purchase the KMS standard ?
    Please visit the following URL – ISO website and purchase it online

    2. Who are these 51 respondents ? Are they part of 191 votes ?
    They have been captured as part of inputs from my “LinkedIn Poll Comments Section”; who have not voted to any of the options provided, but have “liked” the statement “the standard is a complete waste of time”. I have included them to provide full spectrum of diverse views from the available data points and they are not part of 191 votes.


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