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Video & further reading: What knowledge managers can learn about TKM from outside the KM field

The video from Bruce Boyes’ 7 April 2023 webinar for the Global Think-Tank for Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM) is now available for viewing above. Many thanks to GO-TKM for the opportunity to share important perspectives on external tacit knowledge with the 229,099 people who watched the webinar online.

Further reading

The list of recommended further reading from the end of Bruce Boyes’ webinar presentation is reproduced below.

Included in the list are (1) articles providing further information in regard to the Toyota, Boeing, Xiaomi, and Helidon Hills case studies featured in the presentation; (2) an article summarizing key points from the recently published systematic literature review “Innovative Concepts within Knowledge Management,” and (3) three articles discussing other examples of effective stakeholder knowledge engagement in China.

The reference list for the presentation is also available.

About GO-TKM

The Global Think-Tank for Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM) is a non-profit organization, targeting 3 objectives for the overall benefit of mankind:

  1. To advise and support government policy-makers for the right policy on TKM in their respective countries.
  2. To advise and support business decision-makers for the right solutions on their respective TKM issues inside their organizations.
  3. To unify global resources for research and development in theory and practice on TKM across industries and to provide possible solutions.

As well as hosting the 50 Webinars series, GO-TKM has planning underway for the 2nd Global Organizational Tacit Knowledge Forum on 3-5 September in Davos, Switzerland.

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