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Happy 7th anniversary RealKM Magazine!

On the 18th of August 2015, RealKM Magazine welcomed its first readers. In the time since, it has grown to become a highly valued resource for the knowledge management (KM) community and beyond. Demonstrating this, the highly significant milestone of one million total article views was achieved in March this year.

The founding objective of RealKM, the notforprofit RealKM publisher of RealKM Magazine, is supporting and promoting evidence-based knowledge management (KM) through bringing managers and KM practitioners the findings of high-value knowledge management research.

As reviewed in The RealKM Impact Story – August 2015 to March 2022 (which can also be read below), RealKM has resoundingly achieved its founding objective, and continues to do so. The Impact Story also highlights how RealKM has gone well beyond its founding objective to support other important aspects of KM capability improvement. This includes leadership and support in regard to emerging initiatives that are shaping the future of KM.

A big THANK YOU to the RealKM Patrons!

A big 7th anniversary THANK YOU goes to our RealKM Patrons, whose generous support makes the continuation of RealKM Magazine possible! A very special thank you goes to Dr Arthur Shelley and Stephen Bounds, who are RealKM Platinum-level Patrons, our highest supporter level, and to editor and lead writer Bruce Boyes who contributes many unpaid hours each week to RealKM.

Please take the time to visit the websites of our RealKM Platinum and other Patrons, to see how you might be able to show your support for their important KM work, just as they are providing their outstanding support to RealKM Magazine and its readers.

Become a PatronPlease also think about becoming a RealKM Patron yourself, and in doing so making a very valuable contribution to the future of KM.

A big THANK YOU to our authors!

We also honour the work of our authors over the past year – a big 7th anniversary THANK YOU for your great writing!

They include Adi Gaskell, Bill Kaplan, Bruce Boyes (feature articles), Bruce Boyes (research summaries), Bruce Boyes (commentary and trends), Charles Dhewa, Chris Zielinski, Edwin K. Morris, Dr Eli Miron, Gladys Kemboi, Maureen Kenga, Adaora Obuezie, and Adamu Abdullahi, Integration and Implementation Insights (i2Insights), John Antill, Keith Davis, KM Global Network (KMGN), KM4Dev, Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA), Patrick Lambe, Roger Forsgren, Santhosh Shekar, Stephen Bounds, Stuart French, and The Conversation.

A big THANK YOU to our collaborators!

Over the past year, we’ve also strengthened our relationships with other leading not-for-profit KM organisations, including KM4Dev and Pioneer Knowledge Services. A big 7th anniversary THANK YOU for your outstanding collaboration!

Join us for the KM journey ahead!

We look forward to continuing to promote evidence-based knowledge management in the years ahead. Don’t forget to subscribe to the RealKM Weekly Wrap newsletter, and you can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, and YouTube. You might also like to think about writing an article.

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RealKM Magazine

RealKM Magazine brings managers and knowledge management (KM) practitioners the findings of high-value knowledge management research through concise, practically-oriented articles.

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