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Knowledge Bird’s report on the top 5 enterprise support platforms and their pros & cons

One of the most challenging aspects of bringing knowledge management into a contact centre or customer support environment is dealing with the dynamic nature of that knowledge. Information is often changing, and new knowledge is constantly being uncovered in conversations with customers and the people who are working to help solve their problems.

For knowledge management to succeed in these dynamic settings, searching, authoring and modifying activities must be so seamlessly integrated into the normal workflow of problem-solving that it doesn’t require context switching and laborious handle-time.

In this report, Knowledge Bird profiles the pros and cons of 5 knowledge-enabled enterprise support platforms, including Zendesk, Dixa + Elevio, Jira + Confluence, ServiceNow, and BMC Helix.

Header image source: Professional Images on Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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Aprill Allen

I’ve been a “tech person” since 1997—when internet came from dialup modems! Sure, there was that time I stepped away to develop my creativity for a while, but an unshakable belief in the power of knowledge management drew me back to my people. My talent for improving the operational workflows of today’s knowledge workers is enhanced by my extensive network in the ITSM, KM, and startup communities, and backed by certifications in service management and Knowledge Centered Service®. I love working with leaders wanting to bring success to their teams and customers.

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