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    Stuart French posted to facebook that I might be interested in this piece Bruce. And, yes, It is an interesting and thoughtful piece. You touch on matters which need much greater scrutiny and attention. Sadly, I don’t see much really thoughtful reflection on this sort of stuff in the way that you have described and touched up. I wil look up some of your links when I get a chance.

    Only two reflection points as a contribution to discussion. I have always been slightly uncomfortable with the idea of “evidence based policy”. I myself prefer to use the term Evidence informed policy. And, I would also add that this subtle distinction is grounded in notions of different types of reasoning that contribute to knowledge creation – inductive, deductive and abductive reasoning.

    I tried to write stuff about this a few years ago under a section called “Principles underpinning the harnessing of evolutionary possibility” in this paper on national regulatory systems (see figure 2 in particular).

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