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Evidence summaries from ScienceForWork and GetFacts

As we’ve previously alerted, knowledge management (KM) needs to move to a better evidence-based foundation, something that is already happening in the overall field of management and also other management disciplines such as HR.

However, as busy people, KM practitioners often find it difficult to keep up to date with the findings of new research in KM and related disciplines. RealKM Magazine is helping to address this important knowledge gap through our large and growing bank of practically-oriented evidence summaries, feature articles, and special series. Another excellent source of evidence-based information is The Conversation, and because of this we regularly republish their KM-related articles.

Two further resources for evidence-based information are ScienceForWork and GetFacts.


ScienceForWork is an independent, non-profit foundation of evidence-based practitioners. Their mission is:

To provide decision-makers with trustworthy and useful insights from the science of organizations and people management

Relevant evidence is critically evaluated, and the findings and implications for practice are then summarised in an evidence summary that can be read in 5 minutes.

The range of ScienceForWork evidence summaries includes:


GetFacts is a new service from The Conversation:

GetFacts delivers evidence-based clarification about misleading claims straight from the expert’s mouth (and dataset) straight to your inbox. If there’s a certain claim, quote, fact or headline floating around that isn’t 100% correct, we’ll let you know what the research actually says …

Unlike the daily or weekly newsletter and FactChecks, our GetFacts email will be running on an ad hoc basis. It will come to you as an alert, with a concise breakdown of the information rather than a full article – great for those of you without the time to read all the news.

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