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    Stephen Bounds at |

    Nice find Bruce.

    While I am 100% in favour of having ways to measure the effectiveness of Knowledge Management, I would have liked to see more critical analysis of the metrics rather than just providing a list.

    Many of the metrics proposed lack rigor or usefulness, at least without additional parameters to define what “good” or “bad” numbers look like.

    For example: “Use of KM systems” tells us nothing because it is not the existence of a KM system that matters but how *much* the KM system changes the behaviour of its users. To be a meaningful metric, it is the expected change in behaviour that needs to be measured, not usage.

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      Bruce Boyes at |

      Many thanks Stephen for your comment.

      I think the lack of critical analysis of the proposed metrics is actually symptomatic of a bigger problem, which I discuss in the new article https://realkm.com/2016/10/21/should-knowledge-managers-become-more-active-in-policy-development/


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