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In the know: Deliberate Approach to KM, KM & Retention for IT Communities, APQC Podcasts

In the know is a regular roundup of knowledge management (KM) topics of discussion and the videos and podcasts that are grabbing the attention of KM experts across our community.

Employing Deliberate Approach to KM

In this KMWorld Conference presentation, Brett Patron from the United States Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC) explores the “Deliberate Approach.” This is a tested and proven approach to applying KM principles to assist rapidly forming and/or remotely located military HQs and federal organizations.

Knowledge Management & Retention for IT Communities

In this Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) webinar (slides), well-known RealKM Magazine contributor John Antill provides advice to technology and business professionals needing to look at knowledge management and retention within their organization.

APQC Podcasts

The APQC Podcasts explore a wealth of perspectives in regard to knowledge management (KM), including new directions in KM. APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center) is considered the world’s foremost authority on benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management (KM).

APQC Podcasts

Recent APQC Podcast guests include two KM community leaders who are well-known to RealKM Magazine readers: Dr Sarah Cummings and Gladys Kemboi. RealKM Magazine‘s Bruce Boyes was also a recent APQC Podcast guest.

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