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In the know: Award for John Antill, Oversight of private sensors, KMSA e-Imbizo, Funding opportunity

In the know is a regular roundup of knowledge management (KM) topics of discussion and the videos and podcasts that are grabbing the attention of KM experts across our community.

John Antill wins Thomas J. Froehlich Award

A big congratulations to well-known RealKM Magazine author John Antill!

John has received the Thomas J. Froehlich Award for academic excellence and promise for leadership in the field of information architecture and knowledge management from the Kent State University School of Information. The award is named in honor of the late Thomas J. Froehlich, Ph.D., a beloved Professor Emeritus for the School of Information.

Call for greater oversight of private sensors

One of John Antill’s recent articles looked at the proliferation of sensors in society and why we should care about this. In concluding his article, John recommends that we should limit the amount of information that sensors can collect. He advises that:

as knowledge managers, we must try to limit what we and our organisations need to use. This will help instill trust in our partnerships, as we control who has access to data, what is collected, and how it is collected. We must also offer a removal option to show we care about people’s data, and in this, recognize that cities, states, and countries have different standards for the use of data and removal.

Consistent with John’s recommendation, Cities Today alerts to a call for greater oversight1 of sensors installed by commercial organisations in privately owned public spaces. These include the likes of digital billboards, shopping centre cameras, retail Wi-Fi tracking, and automatic number plate recognition systems.

The call has been made in the When Billboards Stare Back2 report, which has been launched by UK innovation foundation Nesta and the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights with funding from the City of Amsterdam.

KMSA e-Imbizo virtual convention 23-26 August 2022

The Knowledge Management South Africa (KMSA) flagship event of the year, the KMSA e-Imbizo, will once again be held virtually on 23-26 August 2022 at the comfort of your PC.

KMSA advises that: “Once again, we aim to bring you the best quality of speakers, start conversations on relevant and fresh topics and get you connected with like-minded colleagues.”

Funding opportunity: Support knowledge exchange for CHANSE digital transformations research

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) invites applications for funding to bring together Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe (CHANSE) funded research projects on digital transformations, by developing knowledge exchange activities.

Applications are now open, and close on 26 July 2022 at 16:00 UK time.

Applicants must:

  • hold a PhD or an equivalent qualification or experience
  • have knowledge of the European knowledge exchange landscape
  • be based at an established research organisation anywhere in the world.

The maximum cash contribution from funders is £205,000. The funded percentage of the project’s full economic cost varies depending on host organisation location. Funding is available for three and a half years.

Thanks to Matt Treadwell on LinkedIn for bringing this funding opportunity to the attention of RealKM Magazine.


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