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GLINK Knowledge Management Summit Indonesia 2024: KM End to End

9-11 January 2024, Grand Hyatt Bali, Indonesia

Embark on a journey through knowledge management’s End-to-End spectrum: immerse in transformative insights and ignite innovation at GLINK KM Summit Indonesia 2024. Elevate expertise amidst global thought leaders in Bali this January. From capturing to harnessing, navigating the entire knowledge management spectrum. Engage in immersive workshops, forge invaluable connections, and experience the evolution of knowledge management – embracing its comprehensive End to End approach.

KM End-to-End encompasses a comprehensive approach to systematically capture, organize, store, share, and utilize both explicit and tacit knowledge within an organization. It involves the strategic alignment of people, processes, technologies, and culture to enable seamless knowledge flow across all levels and functions.

Program: 200+ participants, 3 days, 9 speakers, 9 workshops
When: 9-11 January 2024
Where: Grand Hyatt Bali, Indonesia
Information and registrations:
Comprehensive guide: The GLINK KM Summit 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide to Uniting Knowledge Management Leaders

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GLINK Summit

GLINK Summit is a dynamic platform uniting global trailblazers to shape the future of knowledge and innovation. Central to the GLINK Summit's ethos is an inspiring spirit of collaboration that transcends geographical borders. Participants are immersed in a rich tapestry of experiences, engaging with thought-provoking keynotes, immersive workshops, and meticulously curated networking sessions. This environment empowers attendees to evolve from passive recipients to active contributors, drawing insights from global visionaries and cutting-edge ideas.

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