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Because You Need to Know – Yadira Caro

Soft skills that make the difference with Yadira Caro

This podcast is part of the Because You Need to Know series from Pioneer Knowledge Services.

Yadi Caro has been working with teams of developers and engineers for over a decade with US military organizations. Her expertise is to work with teams and customers solving organizational business processes and creating technical solutions. Her certifications include Organizational Behavior (Harvard), Project Management Professional (PMP), Scrum Product Owner, Certified Knowledge Manager, Lean Six Sigma, and Business Analytics (MIT).

She has worked with hundreds of customers across the world as she fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. While she continues her work as a consultant in the Defense industry, Yadi also provides training and coaching to help teams and individuals master the “soft” skills they need to succeed. She also recently completed an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Life Coach Certification Program, which enriches her experience to coach neurodiverse individuals.

Connect with Yadi via LinkedIn and Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast.

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Edwin K. Morris

Edwin K. Morris is the president and founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services which produces the educational program, Because You Need To Know. It is part of the mission to educate and bring awareness around knowledge management and nonprofit concerns.

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