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New third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development

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The third edition of the Agenda Knowledge for Development is now available for download. An initiative of the Knowledge for Development Partnership, it shares a vision of how knowledge and knowledge societies can contribute to an inclusive approach to human development.

The Agenda Knowledge for Development features 14 Knowledge Development Goals (Figure 1) designed to complement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the perspective of knowledge. It also includes 130 personal statements in which leading individuals put forward their personal views and perspectives on knowledge societies.

The third edition has four main changes from the second edition:

  • It features 57 more personal statements.
  • There is a new Knowledge Development Goal 14: ‘The arts and culture are central to knowledge societies’ (Figure 2).
  • There are additional sub-goals on communities of practice (6.6) and indigenous knowledge (3.5), reflecting a number of personal statements.
  • For the first time, it includes a few personal statements in languages other than English, followed by an English translation in italics.

The list of all 14 Knowledge Development Goals is shown in Figure 1, and the sub-goals for the new Knowledge Development Goal 14 are shown in Figure 2.

Knowledge Development Goals
Figure 1. Knowledge Development Goals.
Knowledge Development Goal 14
Figure 2. Knowledge Development Goal 14.

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Images source: Agenda Knowledge for Development, which is published under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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