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    Arthur Shelley at |

    Thank you Stephen (and Bruce for earlier related article),
    This is a BIG challenge and an important conversation for the “Knowledge Profession”. There are many “knowledge professionals” across a huge eclectic mix of disciplines, making it hard to clearly and concisely define what a Knowledge Professionsl actually is. This in turn makes it difficult to design and implement an accreditation scheme to measure “compliance” to the definition requirements. The question is,how does ANY person make quality decisions without knowledge? (Badly is the usual answer, excluding serendipity)
    Without accreditation, how do stakeholders know who to ask for help – who is competent in the area of knowledge they need?
    With accreditation, how todo you ensure it is comprehensive enough to include ALL aspects of relevant capabilities across our very interdisciplinary scope of interests/influence?
    This will be one of the exciting challenges of cocreating and connecting our International Knowledge Society (very soon!)


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