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    Lars Gustavsson at |

    Good article.
    I have been working in or leading multicultural teams for ~25 years, including done 2 intercontinental moves in my lines of work. I agree 100% with findings of team dynamics.

    I dont fully agree about the relocation part.
    The stress of moving to another country is massive, even if you know the language. It’s to the point that if you haven’t done it, you don’t understand it.
    The traits described for successfully being able to adapt seems reasonable, but I would not use them as guidelines for an HR organization. What I fail to see (in this extract – it might be in the full paper) is the availability of support at the destination. Helpful co-workers and social interaction between the partners of other expats help a lot. I myself is not particularly extrovert, and I’m probably average also at adapting to change. I have still thrived on 3 continents.


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