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    Christopher Paris at |

    I think the opposite may be true: KM professionals may show a higher ethical bar because they actually retract articles. In the quality and risk management fields, the ranks are filled with “thought leaders” and standards body participants who are openly flouting all ethical norms. In one case, an ISO committee chair was discovered to have padded his resume by adding over 20 years of experience he didn’t have; he was previously the group’s “ethics expert,” and even after the padding was revealed, he was still rewarded with a Chair position. In another case, a risk management expert was found to have plagiarized entire articles — not snippets, ENTIRE articles, photos and all — and was then caught posing as a woman online to entice men to take his training classes. He, too, has been largely rewarded for his efforts in the field. Our “official” industry journals were found to be in violation of standard peer-review guidelines, rejecting articles that offered skeptical analysis of subjects, and granting special publishing rights to “friendly” authors who agreed to help sell products. In another case, a premier quality magazine was caught running articles by someone espousing white supremacist views, and then threatened to sue when readers tried to notify advertisers. There has never been, in my 30+ year career, an article retracted even as the authors of such articles engage in open ethically-challenged behavior. The run the show, so there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

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    Stuart French at |

    Great follow up research Bruce. thanks for the article.


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