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    Lloyd Lawrence at |

    Fully agree! With extensive experience on the topic through raising 3 kids on the spectrum, I can say without a doubt behaviours are linked to inability to comprehend or communicate needs, wants and feelings – and often linked to the child totally misunderstanding situations and motives behind actions that affect them. In addition to this, they often need to be taught how to respond in social situations, and nights are regularly late as we talk through the happenings of the day before they can wind down and go to sleep. There definitely needs to be more understanding and acceptance of these children, rather than judge and blame parents. Trust me, the parents are doing the best they can…but unfortunately many, many children go un-diagnosed so without true understanding, strategies cannot be applied for the best outcomes.

    On the bright side, these kids will bring a whole new perspective of the world around us as they grow and enter the workforce. We also need to recognise their strengths and value that they bring and remind them of these.


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