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Innovation is increasingly a collaborative affair

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Is the pace of disruption in science slowing down or speeding up? The answer isn’t straightforward. With the explosion of scientific research, the likelihood of any single scientist causing a major upheaval in their field is diminishing.

Yet, when we look at science as a whole—the collective impact of fresh discoveries that often supplant established knowledge—it’s evident that the level of disruption remains robust, if not more so than it was half a century ago.

Essentially, the scientific world continues to experience its fair share of disruption, even though an individual’s role in this ever-expanding landscape may be diminishing.

A recent study1, from the University of Tennessee, holds particular relevance for those involved in innovation, industry, scientific policymaking, and education. While it may seem discouraging that our individual influence on innovation is waning, there’s a silver lining. The realm of science and innovation is thriving because it increasingly relies on the collaboration of large, diverse, and multidisciplinary teams of researchers.

“In an exponentially–expanding world of information and innovation,” the authors explain, “we each have a smaller role to play. But overall, the pace of disruption, cultural and technological change still accelerates.”

The paper combines the perspectives of expertise in cultural evolution, complexity theory, ecology, and the evolution of technology. The finding that disruption is steady but individuals’ role is shrinking is a confirmation that science and innovation increasingly involve the collaboration of large, diverse, and multi–disciplinary teams of researchers.

Article source: Innovation Is Increasingly A Collaborative Affair.

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