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GO-TKM Global Survey on Tacit Knowledge Management (TKM)

Tacit knowledge management (TKM) is now one of the biggest challenges for all organizations worldwide. How to make TKM valuable to various organizations and benefit humankind is a big question!

The Global Think-Tank for Organizational Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM) invites you to work together to make a difference!

Here, we sincerely invite you to participate in the following global TKM survey which will take place in over 50 countries.

In appreciation, you will receive a free on-line ticket to attend our coming 2023 Global Tacit Knowledge Management Forum on 13-14 November 2023, in Davos, Switzerland. There will be a few hundred senior executives onsite from all over the world, plus an audience of 10 million online.

We hope to release the white paper from the global TKM survey in the Davos Forum, and hope you can help to share the survey to as many people as possible for the benefits of humankind. Thanks for your support!

Global Survey on Tacit Knowledge Management

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At Global Organizational Think Tank on Tacit Knowledge Management (GO-TKM), our mission is to revolutionize the way individuals, organizations, and societies perceive, harness, and leverage tacit knowledge. We are committed to raising awareness, fostering understanding, and driving practical implementation of tacit knowledge management (TKM) to catalyse holistic personal and organisational development, thereby contributing to the advancement of society as a whole.

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