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Problem Framing Canvas: Making Sense of Problems for Better Responses

This is a booklet that was born out of frustration…and our passion to turn the frustration into action! Too often we find ourselves in situations where people start brainstorming ideas or even falling in love with particular solutions before they’ve really made sense of the problem (or uncovered the multiple opportunities!).

We’ve been testing and refining this problem framing canvas for a few years in conversations, through running workshops, using it in our teaching and our work – and we’re now making the canvas and process notes open source. Would love to hear your thoughts and how you might use it and reflections of framing and reframing!

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Ingrid Burkett

Ingrid Burkett is Professor and Co-Director at the Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation at Griffith University. She is a social designer, designing processes, products and knowledge that deepen social impact and facilitate social innovation. She is passionate about how we can grow social impact, and particularly about how we can develop more effective ways to foster 'the business of social impact'. Ingrid has worked in the community sector, government and with the private sector and believes that each of these sectors has a valuable role to play in social innovation. She is a Past President of the International Association for Community Development and was the Inaugural Social Design Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact at UNSW and UWA. Ingrid is also a practicing artist and graphic designer. She weaves this passion into all her work. She has qualifications in Graphic Design, Social Work (B.SocWk, first class honours); Business (Masters in Business); and Community Economic Development (PhD).
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