ABCs of KMEvidence-based knowledge management

If you’re not evidence-based, what are you?

This article is part of an ongoing series of articles on evidence-based knowledge management.

Here in RealKM Magazine we’ve been advising that better evidence-based practice is vital for the future of knowledge management (KM).

But if you don’t practice in an evidence-based way, what are the alternatives?

Professor Rob Briner, Scientific Director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa), has put forward a list of suggestions based on the parody “Seven alternatives to evidence based medicine” published in the BMJ by Westmead Hospital clinicians David Isaacs and Dominic Fitzgerald1.

Briner’s list is:

  • Eminence-based management (seniority, HiPPO2)
  • Vehemence-based management (loud, brow-beating)
  • Eloquence-based management (sharp-suited, silver tongued)
  • Obedience-based management (because I say so, just freakin’ do it)
  • Resemblance-based management (doing what others do)
  • Defence-based management (the safest option)
  • Indolence-based management (whatever takes least effort)
  • Haste-based management (whatever is fastest)
  • Indulgence-based management (the most fun thing)
  • Reverence-based management (doing what is the most truly awesome)

Article source: Rob Briner on Twitter.

Header image source: Adapted from Evidence Based by Nick Youngson on Alpha Stock Images which is licenced by CC BY-SA 3.0.

References and notes:

  1. Isaacs, D., & Fitzgerald, D. (1999). Seven alternatives to evidence based medicine. Bmj, 319(7225), 1618.
  2. HiPPO is a style of group decision-making. It stands for just going with the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion.
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