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Video and Mural from KM4Dev Knowledge Café 33: Mapping local knowledge for sustainable development

Many thanks to all of our wonderful speakers (Sarah Cummings, Stacey Young, Epiphane Adjadji, Bruce Boyes, Charles Dhewa, Folasade Adepoju and Gladys Kemboi) and facilitators (Denise Senmartin, Rocio Sanz) at KM4Dev Knowledge Café 33 on 23 April 2024. We had more than 200 registrations for this event which was very lively and interesting – demonstrating again the interest in local and Indigenous knowledges in our community. Thank you to all of the participants taking part!

In a slightly different format than usual, we captured the deliberations and presentations in a Mural which KM4Dev members can access from a forum message. We also have a short video which does not, unfortunately, cover all of the session. Many thanks to Rocio Sanz for compiling these. Please feel free to continue working on the Mural if you would like to add your thoughts on local knowledge.

These deliberations from Knowledge Café 33 will provide input into the new version of the Agenda Knowledge for Development and particularly Knowledge Development Goal 3. In the coming KM4Dev Knowledge Café this month, we are planning to hold a write shop for those of you who would like to submit a statement to the new version of the Agenda but would like some peer support in doing this. Kindly note that everyone is welcome to submit a personal statement to the new Agenda.

Kind regards from the KM4Dev Knowledge Café team: Sarah Cummings, Gladys Kemboi, Rocio Sanz, Paul Atsu, and more.

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KM4Dev (Knowledge Management for Development) is a global networked community of international development practitioners who are interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing issues and approaches and, who seek to share ideas and experiences in this domain.

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