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Because You Need to Know – Bruce Boyes

This podcast is part of the Because You Need to Know series from Pioneer Knowledge Services.

Get your gloves and over-boots because we are heading into the knowledge management (KM) garden to farm the knowledge! Organizational knowledge is a natural resource, and RealKM’s Bruce Boyes tells all in the way a natural resource should be managed, including insights into growing evidence-based KM.

Evidence-based schema for knowledge management

Bruce Boyes is editor, lead writer, and a director of the award-winning RealKM Magazine, and a knowledge management consultant1. From Australia, he has been living and working in China for most of the past decade. He holds a Master of Environmental Management with Distinction, and his expertise and experience includes knowledge management (KM), environmental management, project management, and stakeholder engagement.

With a demonstrated ability to identify and implement innovative solutions to social and ecological complexity, Bruce’s many career highlights include establishing RealKM Magazine as an award-winning resource, using agile and knowledge management approaches to oversee an award-winning $77.4 million western Sydney river recovery program, leading a knowledge strategy process for Australia’s 56 natural resource management (NRM) regional organisations, pioneering collaborative learning and governance approaches to support the sustainable management of landscapes and catchments, and initiating and teaching two new knowledge management subjects at Shanxi University in China.


  1. At the time that this podcast was recorded, Bruce was also teaching in the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Studies program. However, unexpected circumstances have meant that this work could not continue for the moment.
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Edwin K. Morris

Edwin K. Morris is the president and founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services which produces the educational program, Because You Need To Know. It is part of the mission to educate and bring awareness around knowledge management and nonprofit concerns.

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