The KM transformation outlook (KM Asia 2019 presentation)

The KM Asia 2019 conference on 9-10 April in Hong Kong was an inspiring and upbeat event. A wide range of thought-provoking presentations and discussions explored the themes of innovation and transformation in knowledge management (KM), as well as providing comprehensive and practical insights into the new ISO 30401 KM standard and KM certification processes.

I delivered one of the opening presentations on the first day, where I used a storytelling approach to shed light on serious issues at the interface of technology and people in the aircraft and automotive industries.

The presentation slides and notes can be downloaded below.

KM Transformation Outlook


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Bruce Boyes

Bruce Boyes (www.bruceboyes.info) is editor, lead writer, and a director of the award-winning RealKM Magazine (www.realkm.com), and a knowledge management (KM), environmental management, and project management professional. He is a PhD candidate in the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Group at Wageningen University and Research, and holds a Master of Environmental Management with Distinction. His expertise and experience includes knowledge management (KM), environmental management, project management, stakeholder engagement, teaching and training, communications, research, and writing and editing. With a demonstrated ability to identify and implement innovative solutions to social and ecological complexity, Bruce's many career highlights include establishing RealKM Magazine as an award-winning resource, using agile and knowledge management approaches to oversee an award-winning $77.4 million western Sydney river recovery program, leading a knowledge strategy process for Australia's 56 natural resource management (NRM) regional organisations, pioneering collaborative learning and governance approaches to support the sustainable management of landscapes and catchments, and initiating and teaching two new knowledge management subjects at Shanxi University in China.

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