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In an article in K&IM Refer, the Journal of the CILIP Knowledge and Information Management (K&IM) Group, K&IM Ambassador Paul Corney describes what he considers to be the eight essential skills of an information and knowledge manager. These “eight ‘ates” are investigate, navigate, negotiate, facilitate, collaborate, communicate, curate, and celebrate.

At the recent KM Asia 2019 conference in Hong Kong, the importance of one of these skills in particular – facilitation – was emphasised. Facilitation has an important role in evidence-based practice.

A useful resource for knowledge managers in regard to facilitation skills is the facilitation insights guide prepared by Bob Dick, which provides tips and techniques for group facilitation.

Bob Dick has high-level expertise and extensive experience in community engagement and facilitation. As I discuss in a previous article, I’ve found his problem-solving communication approach to be invaluable. I learnt this approach from him while undertaking organisational psychology studies at the University of Queensland, Australia in 1991.

Facilitation Insights

Header image: Facilitating a “How to work with knowledge providers?” workshop during the Land & Water Australia Knowledge for Regional Natural Resource Management Program. Bruce Boyes, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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