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With thanks to our great supporters, the RealKM crowdfunding campaign is underway!

Just over two months ago, we launched the RealKM Magazine Patreon crowdfunding campaign. A big thank you goes to the 16 fantastic supporters who have so far made a pledge – you can check them out on the RealKM Magazine Patrons page!

We’ve now raised nearly one-third of our first goal of $1500/month, and invite you to consider helping us to raise the remaining $1050/month. You can support RealKM Magazine from just $1/month upwards.

Raising $1500/month will cover our website hosting and e-newsletter cost, and continue the part-time employment of our editor and lead writer. We’ll also expand our content to produce a short video on a KM topic every month, as voted by patrons.

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Why support RealKM Magazine?

Don’t just take my word for it that supporting RealKM Magazine is a good idea. Check out the thoughts of our top supporters, Platinum Patron Dr Arthur Shelley of Intelligent Answers and Gold Patron Patrick Lambe of Straits Knowledge:

Like to know more?

To find out more, please:

  • Visit the RealKM Patreon page where you can learn about the benefits and rewards of becoming a RealKM Magazine Patron.
  • Watch this video to hear RealKM founder Stephen Bounds review our progress to date and outline his vision for the future.
  • Take a look at this infographic to see how RealKM Magazine has become a key go-to resource.
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