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    Aprill Allen at |

    Sounds exciting. I agree that the availability of research into KM is fairly woeful and makes it a challenge to demonstrate the impact a holistic KM strategy can have on an organisation’s momentum in real economic terms.

    I’ve bookmarked to come back and read through the syllabus tomorrow.

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    Mark Trexler at |

    I think it’s a great idea, although the question I continue to grapple with in my area is whether anyone actually cares about KM. I’ve been collecting the literature around KM and sustainability (and related topics) for a while, and have pulled together quite a bit of source material (collected here if you’re interested: https://webbrain.com/u/1Aqt ). But in the sustainability and climate change space in general it’s just not clear who values the information. Everyone has their own proposal or solution, with very little interest in understanding everything else out there that ought to be relevant.

    Bottom line is that the syllabus would benefit from a section of the KM Value Proposition, or range of value propositions.


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