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Systems thinking education: Help to make Splash! a reality!

The new Splash! app is being developed to teach systems thinking to children (and adults) in a fun and engaging way. Your generous donation can help to make Splash a reality, and until 16 July the first $3000 in donations will be matched!

Children love water, and are natural systems thinkers. As shown in the video above, Splash! combines these ingredients into a mobile application that combines liquid simulation, visual math, and simulation-ready models to help students (and teachers) understand how systems work. It provides a space for building models, observing what happens, and reflecting on results. It empowers people to generate their own learning and to find their own solutions.

Watch the full demonstration video to see how students can construct their own models to create a new way for them to learn by playing.

Splash! is being supported by Systems Thinking World, which is also bringing you the insightful RealKM Magazine systems thinking and modeling series.

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