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1000 readers!

A little under two months ago, we took the wraps off the RealKM website. We wanted to take conversations about KM to the next level by sharing and evaluating relevant and high-quality research in KM and related disciplines such as communications, marketing, psychology, biology, sociology, and management research.

Today I’m proud to announce an important milestone with RealKM reaching 1000 active monthly readers. We don’t run ads, so there’s no incentive to get page views through clickbait headlines. We do want people to come back again and again, finding new and thought-provoking material every time they visit.

I wanted to thank all of our contributors for providing such high quality content. In particular, Bruce has been a tireless editor, author, and champion of the site, and Sally has been an amazingly enthusiastic contributor providing consistently high-quality and well-researched articles.

1000 readers is a pretty good start for what is often seen as a niche discipline, and we have big plans for 2016. But none of it matters without our readers. We love seeing your comments and conversations here and on other websites and social media channels — and we are still rewarding readers who make articulate and helpful contributions to the discussion wherever it happens on the web. And as always, if you have ideas on what else we could cover to make RealKM even more useful, please let us know!

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Stephen Bounds

Stephen Bounds is an Information and Knowledge Management Specialist with a wide range of experience across the government and private sectors. As founding editor of RealKM and Executive, Information Management at Cordelta, Stephen provides clear strategic thinking along with a hands-on approach to help organisations successfully develop and implement modern information systems.

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  1. Congratulations on 1000 readers!

    It’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to contribute to RealKM amongst great contributors covering the many interesting aspects of KM. Thank you Steven and Bruce for all of your hard work in making it happen!

  2. Many thanks Stephen for great comments, but much greater credit must go to you for having the vision and foresight to establish RealKM, and of course for all of the hard work you continue to put into it. I’m privileged to be involved in creating and growing something so widely beneficial, and I look forward to the readership continuing to expand. I also look forward to further valuable contributions from our authors, including more of Sally’s excellent articles.

  3. Well done to all at RealKM …it’s a great read and the breadth and depth of articles is both informative and interesting…peppered with intelligent commentary makes for a winning combination. I predict the next 1000 readers will be tuning in shortly.

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