If you would like to pitch an article idea, or have any enquiries in regard to RealKM Magazine, please contact editor Bruce Boyes.

We’ve also prepared the following replies to a number of frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Does RealKM Magazine consider article submissions? Yes, we consider submissions that address the RealKM Magazine Editorial Guidelines. To find out more, please see our article submission information. Please note that we unfortunately receive a large volume of “guest post” spam requests and other similarly irrelevant messages, so we are only able to reply to article submission enquiries that are clearly related to knowledge management and reflect an awareness of the RealKM Magazine Editorial Guidelines.

Can I republish articles from RealKM Magazine? Some of our articles can be republished, but strict conditions apply. To find out more, please see our republishing guidelines.

Does RealKM Magazine accept link exchange or placement enquiries? No. Article authors will have already determined the most appropriate links for their articles when they wrote them, so we strictly reject all requests for link changes or additions. Unfortunately as we receive a spam volume of such enquiries, we are not able to reply to any of them.

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