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The Knowledge Edge series

RealKM asked the actKM Forum the following question:

If someone came to you and said “I don’t know the first thing about what KM is, but I want to learn more about it – where should I start?”, what is the one resource (website, article or book) you would point them to?

Bill Kaplan from Working Knowledge suggested The Knowledge Edge series. Bill began the series in 2009, as a sequence of short but specific vignettes on his evolving perspective of KM. Over time he will add additional perspectives.

The Knowledge Edge series includes:

  1. Understanding KM
  2. KM Concept, Strategy, and Practice
  3. Knowledge Leadership
  4. Fundamentals of Knowledge Enabled Organization
  5. One View of Knowledge
  6. High Performing Knowledge Enabled Organizations
  7. Fast Learning
  8. CoPs (Part 1) [Communities of Practice]
  9. CoPs (Part 2) [Communities of Practice]
  10. Knowledge Assets
  11. Knowledge at the Point of Execution
  12. Developing Knowledge Workers Through Senior Management Leadership
  13. Operationalizing Learning
  14. Understanding KM Certification

Bruce Boyes

Bruce Boyes ( is editor, lead writer, and a director of the award-winning RealKM Magazine ( and currently also teaches in the University of NSW (UNSW) Foundation Studies program in China. He has expertise and experience in a wide range of areas including knowledge management (KM), environmental management, program and project management, writing and editing, stakeholder engagement, communications, and research. Bruce holds a Master of Environmental Management with Distinction and a Certificate of Technology (Electronics). With a demonstrated ability to identify and implement innovative solutions to social and ecological complexity, Bruce's many career highlights include establishing RealKM Magazine as an award-winning resource for knowledge managers, using agile and knowledge management approaches to oversee the implementation of an award-winning $77.4 million river recovery program in western Sydney on time and under budget, leading a knowledge strategy process for Australia's 56 natural resource management (NRM) regional organisations, pioneering collaborative learning and governance approaches to support communities to sustainably manage landscapes and catchments, and initiating and teaching two new knowledge management subjects at Shanxi University in China.

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