Promotional giveaways

To celebrate the launch of RealKM Magazine, we’re giving away a knowledge management product to the person with the best insight or response every week (see below for details of the knowledge management products).

Just write a comment on any post on the website or social media, or tag your tweet with @realkmmag to be considered.

The best insight will be chosen every Sunday evening, with the weekly winner announced soon after. To claim their prize, giveaway recipients need to respond to the advice message or email sent to them within two weeks of the message or email being sent. Unclaimed awards will be given to recipients randomly selected from the RealKM Weekly Wrap subscription list.

Congratulations to the giveaway winners so far:

  1. Neil Olonoff for his website comment on the article How Machiavellians affect organisations.
  2. Christopher Paris for his LinkedIn group comment on the article An evidence-based approach to ISO 9001:2015 Clause 7.1.6 Organisational Knowledge.
  3. Aprill Allen for her tweets.
  4. Tim Wieringa for his LinkedIn group comment on the article Recordkeeping is important – because our memories are often wrong.
  5. Kerrie Christian for her LinkedIn group comments on the article Collapse of the Easter Island ecocide theory: to what extent does opinion influence research?
  6. Bill Kaplan for his LinkedIn group comments on the article Digital Amnesia: Memory, internet and modern life.
  7. Jo Hicks for her numerous retweets of RealKM articles.
  8. Carolyn Beveridge for her comment on the article 1000 readers!
  9. Howard Wiener for his LinkedIn group comment on the article How connectivity can harm creativity.
  10. Mark Trexler for his comment on the article The Paris Agreement: knowledge management and climate science denial.
  11. Prof. Kees (C.J.) Stigter for his comments on the article The Paris Agreement: knowledge management and climate science denial.
  12. Jill Sweeney for her retweets of RealKM articles and RealKM LinkedIn page comments.

The giveaways include:

methodcards KM Method Cards
Straits Knowledge KM Method Cards contains concise descriptions of 80 approaches, methods and tools that Knowledge Managers and KM activists can use in a variety of scenarios, including workshops for identifying KM needs and to inform and promote discussion with stakeholders about potential solutions.
diagnostic_cards KM Diagnostic Cards
Straits Knowledge KM Diagnostic Cards can be used to help managers diagnose opportunities for knowledge management or information management improvements, as part of a knowledge audit to identify common knowledge, information and learning needs, as part of needs analysis exercises, or in conjunction with KM Method Cards to design practical KM interventions.
ozoo Organizational Zoo Cards
The Organizational Zoo Ambassador Network uses the Zoo Character Cards as a well-researched and developed set of metaphors to will enable organisations to enhance performance and reduce stress, with each animal or plant representing an intuitively recognisable behavioural style.
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