Dr Arthur Shelley

RealKM Platinum Patron Arthur Shelley is founder and CEO of Intelligent Answers and the Producer of Creative Melbourne. An independent capability development and knowledge strategy consultant with 30 years experience in international professional roles. Leading projects provided him with unique insights into what motivates people to collaborate. He works closely with clients to build individual and team capabilities through the facilitation of knowledge co-creating initiatives. His interactive workshops and programs focus on understanding behaviour and relationships, to increase productivity and successfully implement change. Author of three books: KNOWledge SUCCESSion - Sustained capability and performance growth through strategic knowledge projects (2017), Being a Successful Knowledge Leader - What knowledge practitioners need to know to make a difference (2009), and The Organizational Zoo - A Survival Guide to Workplace Behaviour (2007) provides a unique set of fun animal profiles to simplify workplace interactions. Arthur regularly speaks and facilitates interactive workshops at international events. He is the course coordinator for Knowledge Management in RMIT University’s MBA program and was formerly the Global Knowledge Director for Cadbury Schweppes.
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