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Words don’t do what needs to be done, so art does [Arts & culture in KM part 4]

This article is part 4 of a series exploring arts and culture in knowledge management.

Art is a creative expression of knowledge, and as we struggle to try to save the failing UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)1, UNESCO reminds us2 that “art, expression and culture provide powerful means for sustainability and education.”

You’re invited to experience this through my free books below (and there’s more on my website). It’s how the natural world reflects back to us, in simple ways, experienced through the heart – can’t be put into words. Less words the better. But it’s a powerful message of fragility and the power in this to help human perseverance.

This power can be restorative for those who are suffering stress and distress in their knowledge for sustainability efforts: here in Australia, the sustainability scientists who are routinely silenced by government3 and have been for a long time4, or elsewhere in the world, the environmentalists who constantly fear for their lives5.

As you embark on the journeys below, know too that adult colouring has valuable psychological benefits6.

Peninsula Art Studio

Passionate about Australian nature, Peninsula Art Studio’s art and writing aim to inspire!

Our independent bookshop has many Australian nature stories that include original art by Keryn Hyslop, and author sessions are available online. We also have online art sessions for community building, empowerment, and as a therapeutic process. Contact us at for more information or to book us to talk to your group or class, or visit us for murals, art sessions, books, and more.

Keryn Hyslop (left) presenting Director of Womens Legal Centre Community Services, Adelaide with her art
Keryn Hyslop (left) presenting her art to Director of Womens Legal Centre Community Services, Adelaide, South Australia.

Our travel throughout Australia and experience in community engagement, environmental sciences, design and art therapy provides a unique perspective. We create educational and interpretive experiences for individuals, and all community through our art books and cards. We have over 30 years experience that gives us knowledge to create art simple and engaging. Our community art murals engage people in their local community to develop skills, techniques and to make art that is personal and relevant. Fortunate to travel Australia sharing passion for nature and art and communities Keryn is able to help develop and guide your community projects.

Get in touch – we’re happy to help!

Header image: A Pair of Cuttlefish © Keryn Hyslop 2023, All Rights Reserved.


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Keryn Hyslop

Keryn Hyslop's art is in galleries, private collections, and public spaces, and she's inspired many hundreds of students throughout Australia to gain skills and enjoyment through simply using their own unique style to make Australian nature art. Travel throughout Australia and experience in community engagement, environmental sciences, design, and art therapy provides her with a unique perspective. Keryn's books can be downloaded from her Peninsula Art Studio website, and online art sessions booked through the online scheduler.

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