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Because You Need to Know – Celine Schillinger

Creating organizational capacities: networks, leadership, and community with Céline Schillinger

This podcast is part of the Because You Need to Know series from Pioneer Knowledge Services.

Céline is a global engagement influencer, and helps leaders and organizations succeed and grow by engaging their clients, partners and employees. Engagement is the active mobilization of many talents, to deliver value together. This requires new leadership methods, tools and behaviors. Thanks to a rich experience in the corporate world acquired over three continents in large and small organizations Céline has driven award-winning engagement innovations in business and industrial environments.

Further information on Céline’s book Dare to Un-Lead: The Art of Relational Leadership in a Fragmented World can be found on the publisher’s website, Amazon, and Céline’s website.

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Edwin K. Morris

Edwin K. Morris is the president and founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services which produces the educational program, Because You Need To Know. It is part of the mission to educate and bring awareness around knowledge management and nonprofit concerns.

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