Videos from KM Awareness Week 2021

Knowledge Management (KM) Awareness Week 2021 explored the following questions:

  • How can we as KM professionals nurture the KM economy in this pandemic?
  • How do we establish formal KM as one of the core functions/disciplines in organizations?
  • How many more decades will it take?

Day 1

  • How do we expand the KM economy? How to improve opportunities for KM/IM professionals?
  • How do we sell KM standards to “bottom of pyramid ” organizations?

Day 2

  • What is “world of knowledge constraints” for a knowledge worker?
  • Distinction between KM system and KM-IT system
  • Whichever role you play, whatever industry you are in, start KM?

Day 3

  • Where can we apply KM practices?
  • Which business area should I pick to start designing KM strategy?
  • What are KM approaches – ad hoc, standalone, functions etc?

Day 4

  • Who are you and what role do you play?
  • How do you start building your first KM system?

Day 5

  • What is knowledge management architecture with respect to organizational resilience?
  • What are the common knowledge management areas across industry?

Day 6

  • The two decades of ROI for KM-IT systems and the need of KM systems in this pandemic?
  • How can KM and innovation contribute to a knowledge-based economy?
  • How stronger knowledge management practices can create a huge industry?

Bonus video – guest speaker

Day 7

  • What are the key requirements of ISO 30401 KMS?
  • What are the basic principles on which the KM standards are developed?

Day 8

  • What is macro knowledge management?
  • What is standalone knowledge management?
  • What actions can we take at our level to propagate KM?

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Santhosh Shekar

Mr. Santhosh Shekar is an accredited ISO 30401 knowledge management (KM) auditor and certifier, with over 20+ years of diverse experience in developing KM strategies & solutions, framework & models, and systems & structures along with KM products for organizations. He has worked with a wide spectrum of industry segments implementing knowledge management programs using various technologies and practices. He has also created a niche in leading KM standardization right from scratch to achieving multiple KM Programs executed in multiple companies. Furthermore, he has worked extensively on ISO 9001 organisational knowledge, AutoSPICE KM, and MIKE requirements in organizations. He has also served as an ISO 20000 internal auditor. Mr. Shekar is ITIL Foundation Certified; Certified Knowledge Manager from KM Institute, US; Member and Fellow of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange, UK. Donning many hats, he is also a soon-to-be-published author. He is currently working on his first book which will be a practical implementation guide on the ISO KMS 30401 standard. Mr. Santhosh Shekar is available on select online mediums. You can connect with him via Twitter and LinkedIn to know more about his work and activities related to KM.

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