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Videos from KM4Dev 20th anniversary sessions

On 2-3 July 2020, the KM4Dev (Knowledge Management for Development) community celebrated its 20th anniversary with 10 online sessions over a 24 hour period. The sessions involved a large number of KM4Dev members around the globe.

A playlist brings together the recordings of the 10 sessions, which were:

  • KM4Dev through the eyes of its members: 20th anniversary celebrations KM
  • Session 1: The impact of KM4Dev
  • Session 2: La gestion des connaissance dans le monde francophone
  • Session 3: World Bank Communities of Practice
  • Session 4: Conversational Leadership
  • Session 5: Cómo evaluamos la gestion del conocimiento en America latina
  • Session 6: How can KM support facilitators to address political polarization
  • Session 7: How to do KM from scratch with Zero Budget – Case study
  • Session 8: Experience capitalization: monitor and evaluate
  • Session 9: Online collaboration, dialogue & interaction
  • Session 10: The future of KM4DEV
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