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    Stuart French at |

    This was a really nice webinar run by Matt. As usual, I listened to hear one thing, heard a different point of view and ended up questioning a huge chuck of what I thought I knew. Every time I meet him I end up feeling less knowledgeable! Maybe Ignorance management is a thing after all? Thanks for running it Matt.
    My main concern is the ignorance of leaders around knowledge. Many I work with tend to two extremes; either 1) oh that’s easy, they should pick that up in no time (we don’t need the expense of a handover do we? Just send them in a three day course instead), or 2) we can never know what people know so it’s all pretty much luck and hiring the right people. I suspect solving this ignorance may have a large impact in service delivery sustainability. RealKM is a good start, but where do we go next?


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