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A bit over two and a half years ago, RealKM Magazine was founded with the aim of publishing practically-oriented articles to help managers and knowledge management (KM) practitioners connect with the latest research and insights in KM and related disciplines such as communications, marketing, psychology, biology, sociology, and management research.

In that time, we’ve struck a real chord! We’ve published over 700 articles, our monthly readership has grown to 5,000 and is still climbing, and our most popular article has now been viewed more than 12,000 times. We also just published the first release of the RealKM Open KM Syllabus.

Why we need your help

RealKM Magazine’s success has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of founder and publisher Stephen Bounds through his consulting company, and many hours of work by editor and lead writer Bruce Boyes.

RealKM Magazine is helping a lot of people, and we want this to keep happening for a long time. But relying on Stephen’s financial support alone isn’t sustainable in the long-term.

We need to broaden our financial support base, and ideally become self-sustaining.

We don’t want to run ads because they’re just going to annoy you, our readers, and ads that market who-knows-what will just detract from our commitment to providing evidence-based information. We also don’t want to charge fees for access to articles because that would fly in the face of our commitment to open access information.

So Patreon crowdfunding is perfect for our situation. Our readers and supporters have the opportunity to become our patrons, donating whatever they would like on a recurring monthly basis, from just $1/month upwards.

As Stephen Bounds discusses in the video above, by becoming our patron, you can make a significant contribution to the future of KM, and to the many people who benefit from improved KM.

Find out more about becoming a RealKM Magazine patron, and the rewards you can receive!

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From just $1/month upwards, you can support our work to highlight the best evidence-based research on knowledge management.


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RealKM Magazine brings managers and knowledge management (KM) practitioners the findings of high-value knowledge management research through concise, practically-oriented articles.
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