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    Stephen Bounds at |

    Bill Kaplan also ran a session at KM Singapore on “Applying “Agile” in Developing KM Strategies and Implementing Frameworks”. Unfortunately I can’t find the full presentation but there’s a useful Storify of the presentation that’s been put together by Nicky Hayward-Wright.

    There’s definitely a trend towards the broader application of agile towards solving business problems in the last few years. It’s been a key founding principle of the way we work with clients at knowquestion. It’s a problem-solving technique rather than a scientific principle, so I don’t know if I would ever ask if something can “become” agile. It’s more whether you “use” agile approaches in your work.

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    Stuart French at |

    This is an interesting trend.

    In terms of solutions I completely agree with Dave Snowden that policies that encourage person-to-person interaction are of high value. That said, there are ways to automate the collection of information around the development process, such as working-out-loud on a tools like Yammer of Chatter that can archive some of the smaller design decisions in context without the overhead of authoring, categorisation and storage.

    A few weeks back I wrote this article about Agile in KM appearing more frequently:

    Stan Garfield weighed in on why he felt the term “Agile KM” wasn’t used so much. The link to my response and his post can be found here:

    It would be good to see more research on effectiveness of different solutions.


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