Brett J. Patron, CKM

Currently Chief Knowledge Services of US Army TRADOC. A senior knowledge management (KM) strategist and subject matter expert (SME), strategic learning consultant, analyst, and leader. Develops and implements KM strategies using agile project management techniques to obtain results in process management, decision support, data-informed decision, continuous process improvement, and managing operating rhythm. Advises senior (C-Suite) leaders and staff on good KM practice that enable effective decisions at the speed of relevance. Develops/implements KM/IM governance programs. Forges collaboration through tech/non-tech methods, coordinating with IT and learning colleagues. Instructor and mentor on KM/IM proven practices and techniques. Leads KM teams and advises/supports subordinate organization KM leaders. Master’s Degree in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University and Certified Knowledge Manager (KM Institute). Over ten years in KM Field.
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