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A peer mentoring platform for knowledge management (KM) professionals: “KM practitioners helping each other”

The 12-month KM peer mentoring program 2024 is now ready to accept applications

To all interested KM professionals: would you like to be a KM mentor or mentee?

The full 12-month KM Peer Mentoring Program 2024 is now ready to accept applications. This is a community effort and is FREE of charge. As we have limited capacity, we will be taking applications based on need, diversity, and mentor availability. You can find more details about the program and the commitment it entails in the program guide.

For mentees

Are you a KM practitioner:

  • new in the KM space,
  • new to a particular KM area or topic, or
  • facing a “sticky” KM challenge?

If you think you could benefit from participating in this program as a KM mentee, you can apply.

For mentors

The pool of mentors is also being expanded for this coming cycle.

Are you a KM practitioner:

  • with substantial KM expertise and/or experience,
  • who has worked with several organisations, faced diverse challenges, and developed multiple strategies and skills to navigate them,
  • and/or has deep expertise in a particular KM domain,
  • who is committed to dialogue, co-learning, and professional development in self and others, and
  • wishes to give back to the KM community by providing free mentoring support to one or more mentees for 12 months?

If this profile (or enough of it) fits you, you can apply to be a KM mentor.

Note: It is perfectly possible to be a mentor in one domain and a mentee in another! For those who wish to be both mentor and mentee, please submit separate online applications.

Deadline for all applications is 25 March.

All applicants will be invited to a virtual program briefing and “meet the mentor/mentee” session in early April. After that, we will conduct a matching exercise. Our capacity for mentees will depend on the number of mentors.

Feel free to share this invitation to other KM practitioners you think might be interested, and let us know if you have any questions!

Mentoring in KM will also be discussed in the Knowledge Summit Dublin, 10-11 June 2024, “Generative AI meets Human Experience”. Register and follow the Summit now!

KM Peer Mentoring Program 2024

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