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Happy second birthday RealKM Magazine!

This coming Friday, the 18th of August, RealKM Magazine will celebrate ts second birthday! We’re very pleased to reach this milestone, and thank you, our greatly valued readers and contributors, for your continued support and interest.

Since our first birthday, we’ve published over 270 further articles, and our number of monthly active readers has grown from 1,500 to 4,000. Many of our articles have been viewed hundreds or even thousands of times, with our most popular article, David Williams’ “Components of a knowledge management system”, recently passing 8,000 views. As discussed in our review of 2016, RealKM Magazine’s articles have covered a wide range of topics related to knowledge management and related disciplines including communications, psychology, sociology, and management research.

During the past year, we were also honored to have been invited to participate in the 23rd Annual Conference & Exhibition of the Special Libraries Association Arabian Gulf Chapter (SLA-AGC) in Bahrain.

I thank founding editor Stephen Bounds, Director and Principal Consultant of KnowQuestion, for making RealKM Magazine possible, and our contributors for their outstanding articles. Over the past year, this has included (in no particular order) Lena Ross, Mark Trexler, Scott Fortmann-Roe and Gene BellingerDr Ra Jes Chelliah, Adi Gaskell, Maureen Sullivan, Sally Chik, and Amanda Surrey.

We look forward to continuing to promote evidence-based knowledge management in the years ahead. Don’t forget to subscribe to the RealKM Weekly Wrap newsletter, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Header image source: Adapted from Cake by Mark Skipper, which is licenced by CC BY 2.0.

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RealKM Magazine brings managers and knowledge management (KM) practitioners the findings of high-value knowledge management research through concise, practically-oriented articles.

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