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RealKM Magazine welcomes article contributions, as discussed in the RealKM Magazine Editorial Guidelines (which can also be viewed below).

As a small not-for-profit organisation, we’re unfortunately not able to pay contributors for articles. However, writing an article is an opportunity to promote your research, work, initiative, or argument to the global knowledge management community and beyond.

What’s the first step?

If you would like to submit an article, please first read the RealKM Magazine Editorial Guidelines and then contact RealKM Magazine Editor Bruce Boyes to discuss your ideas.

Why do RealKM Magazine articles need to be backed by sound open access research?

You’ll see in the RealKM Magazine editorial guidelines that the articles we publish should be backed by sound research on accepted or emerging KM practice, or describe a real and specific case scenario. All research references must also be linked open access articles or publications.

The requirement for articles to be backed by sound open access research is not to say that professional expertise has no value in comparison to research literature. Professional expertise certainly has value, and indeed, is also one of the four sources of evidence in evidence-based KM. Rather, this requirement is to emphasize that RealKM Magazine‘s purpose in the wider KM landscape is research communication, and there are numerous other forums for expressions of professional expertise.

What needs to be provided when submitting an article for consideration?

After you’ve received endorsement from RealKM Magazine Editor Bruce Boyes for your proposed article and then prepared the article using the RealKM Magazine Editorial Guidelines, submitting it for consideration is easy. You just need to provide the following and we’ll do the rest:

  1. Article title and text in Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc) or text file (.txt) format, with link locations indicated and links provided. Citations in a consistent format need to be provided for any research papers referenced (preferably APA 6th). Images can be included in your article, but you must either be the copyright holder for the images, or have the permission of the copyright holder to use them and be able to provide evidence of this.
  1. Information for your author profile, which will be automatically added below your article:
    • One-paragraph biography (which cannot contain links)
    • Profile picture (a square portrait photograph of just you, with no other people identifiable)
    • (Optional) One of each of any or all of the following: website address, Twitter profile link, LinkedIn profile link, YouTube channel link (these will be added as clickable icons below your biography).

Alternatively, if your article has multiple authors, please contact the RealKM Magazine Editor for additional information on what is required for this.

  1. (Optional) Excerpt, as discussed on page 4 of the RealKM Magazine Editorial Guidelines (if you don’t provide one, then no problem, we will write it). The excerpt will be shown under the article title on the RealKM Magazine home page, and is also used by social media and the RealKM Magazine Weekly Wrap e-newsletter as a brief summary of your article.
  1. (Optional) Article header image if you have one that you would like to go with your article (if not, then it’s no problem, we will source a suitable image from a Public Domain or Creative Commons site). If you provide your own header image then you must either be the copyright holder for the image, or have the permission of the copyright holder to use it and be able to provide evidence of this. Article header images must be of exact size 1280px wide x 720px high (or if not possible, then 640px wide x 360px high). Images that are larger than 1280px wide x 720px high must be able to be trimmed and scaled to this exact size.

Frequent authors

On request, frequent authors can be provided with author access to the RealKM Magazine website, and are given a detailed guide to use to create their own draft articles and submit them for review and publication.

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