Xiangyi (Shirley) Jiang

Xiangyi Jiang is a highly skilled and versatile professional with a rich education and international background in finance, marketing and data analysis. Xiangyi went to Canada from China in high school, and her long overseas life has enabled her to acquire a wide range of skills and perspectives. At the University of Toronto, she majored in finance and excelled in both academic research and practical operations. Out of her love for business knowledge and her understanding of the rapid development of information systems. After graduation, Xiangyi chose to continue her studies at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, majoring in knowledge management. During this period, she conducted in-depth research on information management systems, knowledge sharing mechanisms and organizational learning, and cultivated systematic thinking and innovation capabilities. This experience not only enriched her professional knowledge, but also profoundly influenced her values. Xiangyi accumulated practical experience during her studies, and has interned in many companies, participating in data analysis, project management and strategic planning. In the future, Xiangyi will continue to expand her international vision and conduct market trend analysis and strategic planning for clients. By optimizing information flow and knowledge sharing, she will enhance the innovation and competitiveness of the organization.
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