RealKM Connect seminars and events

Important update: The RealKM Connect program is changing

In 2018, RealKM Connect is going online

Time and money are scarce resources for all professionals today. It has become apparent that our current seminar arrangements aren’t quite hitting the mark. As such, face-to-face Real KM Connect seminars won’t be continued in 2018. We are going to retool and rethink how best to connect and educate KM professionals virtually going forward.

Previous seminars/events

Collaboration: using places and spaces to foster connection, 28 November 2017

Kim Sherwin, Arup University’s leader for Australasia and the last RealKM Connect speaker for 2017, focused on collaboration, and how to use places and spaces to foster connection. Kim’s interactive workshop explored knowledge and collaboration strategies through a different lens, contemplating the impact that future trends have in the context of the workspace and associated collaboration spaces.

#KMELB2017 Creativity, Chaos and Collaboration, 13-14 November 2017

KMELB2017 Creativity, Chaos and Collaboration included speakers and workshops from members of the Australian Society for Knowledge Management (AuSKM) leadership team including David Williams, Arthur Shelley, Marie O’Brien, Michelle Lambert, and Nerida Hart. Delegates were able to listen to and engage with the speakers throughout the two days.

The Evolution of the Learning Organisation, L&D & KM, 21 September 2017

Brad Adriaanse explored the relationship between learning & development and KM. In his workshop, Brad explored how these two disciplines can evolve into a robust and fluid learning capability in all parts of an organisation.

Change hurts – Insights from brain science, Pathways to navigate transformation, 25 July 2017

Lena Ross brought the group insights from brain science applied to change management, guiding us through how to navigate transformation in organisations.

KPIs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, 31 May 2017

Kate Muir delivered a lively and thought-provoking seminar on how to craft high quality KPI’s using the balanced score card technique, and how to avoid pitfalls by examining examples of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Using social capital to build organisational capability, 31 March 2017

David Williams, President of the Australian Society for Knowledge Management (AuSKM), discussed the use of social capital in building organisational capability, based on his PhD  research. David explored how organisations leverage the intellectual capital that resides externally to the organisation to achieve organisational objectives. A workshop which included a Race to Mars engaged participants.

Are you standard? Aligning knowledge processes with current ISO & AU Standards, 31 January 2017

Arthur Shelley, founder of Intelligent Answers and the Organisational Zoo Ambassador Network (OZAN), discussed aligning knowledge processes with current ISO and Australian standards. Arthur’s insights were very topical, with the recent release of the draft ISO 30401 KM standard.

Introductory seminar, 25 November 2016

RealKM Connect presented a 2-hour introductory seminar on 25 November 2016, demonstrating the approach being taken by RealKM Connect in adopting a rigorous and evidence-based approach to knowledge management. The seminar included a presentation by Stephen Bounds as well as an interactive workshop where participants discussed KM approaches to solving organisational problems. Key points from Stephen’s presentation have been featured in a series of articles.